About GNA

Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar is a breed organization dedicated to the development, breeding and continuous improvement of the versatile hunting Drahthaar. Its organizational objectives are achieved by means of stringent breeding regulations, practical field tests, and high standards of conduct. The VDD presently has over 10,000 members divided among thirty-four groups in many countries, including Canada, and the United States. Accordingly, this organization is one of the largest, most powerful breed organizations in the world. Group North America (GNA) was formed in August, 1971, by a small group of dedicated sportsmen and women.

To insure the continued quest for improvement of performance, regulations were established which require that all VDD Drahthaars used for breeding must first meet certain field performance standards. This evaluation of performance is conducted at special field tests designed to demonstrate inherited qualities.

The testing program of Group North America adheres to all VDD and JGHV Test Regulations. To evaluate hunting ability, VDD/GNA sponsors Spring Natural Ability Tests (VJP), Fall Breed Tests (HZP), Fall Utility Tests (VGP), and Coat and Conformation evaluations (Breed Shows). For the purpose of breeding hunting dogs that are valued highly for versatility, the breed tests evaluate inherited ability, rather than establishing the superiority of one dog over another. To enter a dog in these tests, an owner must be a member of a JGHV affiliated club, such as VDD/GNA. Click here for more on the testing program.

Organization Structure:

A testing organization that establishes standards for the testing of all versatile dogs.
Versatile Breed Associations
Several versatile breed associations conform to the standard testing regulations of JGHV. Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar is a versatile breed association with established breeding requirements for maintaining and improving the Deutsch-Drahthaar breed.
Group North America
One of thirty-five member groups of Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar that adhere to requirements for the breeding and testing of Deutsch-Drahthaar.