Dog and Litter Listings

Key for understanding German Testing Acronyms

This is meant to help those that aren’t familiar with the German testing and breeding system to be more informed when looking at scores and ratings.


We often see HZP scores that appear to have extreme differences in point total. One dog may have a total of 180, while another has a total of 210. They could actually be identical scores with the exception of the 210 dog running in a HZP that offers one more subject, and thus more points possible. There are two options for holding HZP tests, Without Hare Track, and With Hare Track. There are 36 more points available for the total score in a HZP with Hare Track than one without Hare Track. The point total possible in a HZP with Hare Track is 235. The point total possible in a HZP without Hare Track is 199.
The following two Acronyms following a HZP score identify the type of HZP the dog ran in.

m.Sp. = With Hare Track o.Sp. = Without Hare Track


There are also two options for holding VGP tests. Same Day Blood Track, and Overnight Blood Track. There are 12 more points available for the total score in a VGP with the Overnight Track than one with the Same Day Track.
The following two Acronyms following a VGP score identify the type of VGP the dog ran in.

TF = Same Day Track ÜF = Overnight Track


There are three orthopedic evaluations for the DD. HD (Hip Dysplasia), OCD (Osteochondrosis) a shoulder ailment, and ED (Elbow Dysplasia). Beginning in 2004, HD-frei became a requirement for Breed Certification. Beginning in 2012, OCD-frei became a requirement for Breed Certification. At the present time it is not a requirement for dogs to be certified free of ED, but dogs known to have ED are prohibited from Breed Certification.

HD-frei = Certified free of Hip Dysplasia
OCD-frei = Certified free of Osteochondrosis
ED-frei = Certified free of Elbow Dysplasia


vWD = von Willebrand Disease

vWD-frei DNA = Certified free of vWD by DNA Test
vWD-frei Ag = Dog tested in Normal range using von Willebrand Factor Antigen Test. A good indication the dog is free of vWD.
vWD-frei Ped = All possible lines of inheritance in pedigree lead to dogs tested vWD-frei DNA

Litter / Puppy Listings
"I2" vom Fuchsfluesschen
1 December - Whelped
Owner:Fred Turjan
Location:Middletown, PA
Dam: Venus vom Fuchsfluesschen
215509, Brsch, DOB: 2.1.2011, 65879, ZR 529/11, 8/7, 62/64, VJP-65, HZP-168, VGP-I./294, HD Free
Sire: Rex II vom Jadgkönig
219223, Brsch, DOB: 18.3.2012, 67600, ZR 201/12, 9/10, 66/67, VJP-70, HZP-172/192, VGP-0./252/II./288, HD Free
"K" vom Wilco
1 December - Whelped
Owner:Joel Williams
Location:Litchfield, MI
Dam: Griselda vom Wilco
224262, Brsch, DOB: 11.1.2014, ZR 156/14, 10/10, 60/61, VJP-73, HZP-155, HD Free
Sire: Berat vom Merkel
221244, Brsch, DOB: 5.12.2012, 11/10, 67/67, VJP-70, HZP-172, HD Free
"c" v.d. Jaeger Lateinhuette
3 December - Whelped
4 Males
3 Females
Owner:Jerry Williams
Location:Marlow, OK
Dam: Alisze vom DeWolf
224 328, Brsch, DOB: 11.1.2014, 10/9, 61/62, VJP-66, HZP-176, HD Free
Sire: Buck III vom Jagdkonig
229 105, Brsch, DOB: 3.6.2015, 68732, ZR 182/15, 12/11, 67/67, VJP-63/70, HZP-none, VGP-1./302, Btr, HD Free
"A" vom Kürbis Haken
6 December - Whelped
Owner:Ron Figler
Location:Farmington, NY
Dam: Berlyn vom Fenco
227433, Brsch, DOB: 9.1.2015, Bd.15, ZR 169/15, 11/11, 63/65, VJP-73, HZP-175/186 Armb, VGP-1./296, HD-A, OCD and ED-Frei, HD Free
Sire: Rex II vom Jagdkönig
219223, Brsch, DOB: 18.3.2012, 67600, ZR 201/12, 9/10, 66/67, VJP-70, HZP-172 o.sp./192 Armb, VGP-0./251/2./288, HD-A, OCD-Frei, vWD-Frei DNA , HD Free
"A" vom Winterpast
10 December - Whelped
5 Males
5 Females
Owner:Jeremy Peaslee
Location:Pittsville, WI
Website: /winterpastdd/
Dam: Ingrid vom Cranberry Creek
225309, Braun mit Brfl, DOB: 14.4.2014, 9/9, 57/58, VJP-68, HZP-172, HD Free
Sire: Falk vom windigen Punkt
222542, Brsch, DOB: 25.4.2013, ZR 226/13, 11/11, 62/62, VJP-63/77, HZP-182, HD Free
"T" Vom Millerhaus
22 December - Whelped
Owner:William Miller
Location:Millmont, PA
Dam: Olessa vom Millerhaus
223972, Brsch, DOB: 30.11.2013, 68734, ZR ZR 382/13, 9/11, 60/60, VJP-56, HZP-177o.Sp, VGP-II./308UF, HD Free
Sire: Matz vom Millerhaus
222370, Brsch, DOB: 14.4.2013, 67604, ZR ZR 149/13, 11/11, 65/66, VJP-75, HZP-189o.Sp, VGP-I./304TF, HD Free
Test results for genetic disorders available
"C2" vom Elderbach
28 December - Whelped
2 Males
Owner:Roger M. Green
Dam: Tilli vom Elderbach
215350, Brsch, DOB: 20.12.2010, 66324, ZR 478/10, 11/11, 62/63, VJP-70, HZP-0/180, VGP-1./304, Btr, HD Free
Sire: Muck II vom Liether-Moor
221438, Brsch, DOB: 15.1.2013, 68497, ZR 178/13, 10/10, 68/68, VJP-68, HZP-185, VGP-II./297, Btr, HD Free
Test results for genetic disorders available
Performance Breeding
"F" vom Berg-Meister
29 December - Expected
Owner:Brandon Park
Location:Pleasant View, UT
Dam: Hermione vom Felsengebirge
228243, Brsch, DOB: 3.4.2015, Bd.17, ZR 178/15, 11/10, 57/57, VJP-66, HZP-182o.Sp/192 o.Sp Armb, VGP-I./315 TF, , HD Free
Sire: Matze vom Jura-Grund
227621, Brsch, DOB: 22.2.2015, 69001, ZR 131/15-II, 9/10, 67/68, VJP-74, HZP-220m. Sp, VGP-I./336 ÜF, Btr, AH, HD Free
Test results for genetic disorders available
"E" vom Flooded Timber
4 January - Expected
Owner:Andrew Pate
Location:Jackson, TN
Dam: Zandra III v.Böckenhagen
226599, Schwsch, DOB: 10.10.2014, Bd.05, 11/11, 60/61, VJP-74, VGP-II./287, HD Free
Sire: Nicholas vom Rainmaker
228469, Brsch, DOB: 19.4.2015, Bd.05, ZR 240/15, 11/12, 65/66, VJP-68, HZP-176, HD Free
"D" vom Rock Creek
9 January - Whelped
2 Males
Owner:Timothy Sessions
Location:Vernal , UT
Dam: Purdey vom Düwelsbarg
232004, Brsch, DOB: 7.6.2016, 9/10, 60/60, VJP-74, HZP-180 o.Sp., HD Free
Sire: Yaro II von der Dachswiese
228947, Brsch, DOB: 24.5.2015, 69458, ZR ZR 107/15 , 10/11, 65/67, VJP-75, HZP-180 o.Sp. /Hege 218 m.Sp. , VGP-I./325, HD Free
"J2" vom Fuchsfluesschen
9 January - Whelped
5 Males
4 Females
Owner:Fred Turjan
Location:Middletown, PA
Dam: Westa vom Fuchsfluesschen
218319, Schwsch, DOB: 1.1.2012, 66407, ZR 194/12-II, 9/11, 61/62, VJP-70, HZP-0/178 Armb, VGP-1./278TF, HD Free
Sire: Archer vom Blacks Creek
228037, Brsch, DOB: 3.3.2015, Bd. 17, ZR 174/15, 11/10, 67/67, VJP-73, HZP-186/196 Armb, VGP-1./309, HD Free
"F" Vom Ike
15 January - Expected
Owner:Blaine Eickelschulte
Location:Sioux Falls, SD
Dam: Esther vom Slaney-Vale
220215, Brsch, DOB: 21.5.2012, 67532, ZR ZR/403/12, 11/11, 61/61, VJP-71, HZP-0, VGP-III./281, HDA, OCD Frei, ED Frei, HD Free
Sire: Ulf II vom Jagdkönig
221570, Schwsch, DOB: 24.1.2013, ZR ZR 145/13, 12/12, 63/64, VJP-65, HZP-180o.Sp., HD A, OCD frei, ED frei, vWD frei DNA, HD Free
"D" vom Grimm Haus
16 January - Whelped
7 Males
1 Female
Owner:Donny Zarra
Location:Pittsburgh, PA
Phone:C-(412) 606-4518
Dam: Artemis vom Grimm Haus
222018, Brsch, DOB: 13.3.2013, ZR 160/13, 7/10, 58/59, VJP-69, HZP-167, HD Free
Sire: Matz vom Millerhaus
222370, Brsch, DOB: 14.6.2013, 67604, ZR 149-13, 11/11, 65/66, VJP-75, HZP-189/Armb, VGP-304./, Top Water Dog 2014 Armbruster, HD Free
"C" vom Himmel Gezer
18 January - Whelped
Owner:Ronald Allison
Location:Fort Valley, GA
Dam: Genny III vom Wildflugel
228881, Braun mit Brfl, DOB: 12.5.2015, ZR 213/15, 10/10, 57/58, VJP-70, HZP-171, HD Free
Sire: Austin vom Greenridge
206496, Brsch, DOB: 1.3.2008, 63995, ZR 278/08, 8/10, 62/62, VJP-58, HZP-168, VGP-1./279, HD Free
Test results for genetic disorders available
"H" Vom Freda haus
23 January - Expected
Owner:Daniel J. Alexander
Dam: Olga IV del Zeffiro
ROI 15/121769, Brsch, DOB: 16.6.2015, 68712, ZR 134/15, 10/10, 58/60, VJP-77, HZP-190 w/o hare, VGP-I./348, Dead game guide, HD Free
Sire: Alwin II Bandorfer-Forst
Braun, 68118, ZR 119/14, 10/10, 63/64, VJP-67, HZP-242-Hege, VGP- I ./320, HD Free
"K" vom Coldwater Canyon
26 January - Expected
Owner:Matt Norman
Location:Corinne, UT
Dam: Brixi vom Barenwald
215029, Brsch, DOB: 14.11.2010, 10/10, 61/61, VJP-56/64, VGP-III TF./276, HD Free
Sire: Yukon vom Orion
224329, Brsch, DOB: 16.1.2014, ZR 179/14, 10/10, VJP-68, HZP-211 m. sp, HD Free
"D" v.d. Landstrassen
1 February - Expected
Owner:Chris Wasserman
Location:Farwell, MI
Dam: Ice vom Stillwasser
217494, Schwsch, DOB: 17.9.2011, 10/11, 62/63, VJP-72, HZP-151 o.SP, HD Free
Sire: Volker II vom Jagdkönig
223926, Brsch, DOB: 26.11.2013, ZR 369/13, 10/11, 65/66, VJP-72, HZP-186 o. SP, HD Free
"N" v.d.Westmark
3 February - Expected
Owner:Raffi Barbarian
Dam: Wega II vom Spanger-Forst
230843, Braun mit Brfl, DOB: 11.3.2016, 10/10, 62/62, VJP-73, HZP-220-Hegewald, VGP-II./287-UF, HD Free
Sire: Watz II v.d.Dachswiese
228344, Brsch, DOB: 22.4.2015, Bd.16, ZR 136/15, 10/10, 65/67, VJP-70, HZP-194.sp.,, VGP-III./269UF, Btr, HD Free
Test results for genetic disorders available
"B2" vom Wiredhaus
4 February - Expected
Owner:Dr. Jack Wilson
Location:Sioux Falls, SD
Dam: Maja vom Jura-Grund
227626, Brsch, DOB: 22.2.2015, 9/9, 62/63, VJP-77, HZP-190/Hege. 226, HD Free
Sire: Arnie vom Vogeljager
216496, Schwsch, DOB: 29.3.2011, 66320, 11/11, 62/63, VJP-76, HZP-Armb 168, VGP-1./309, OCD free ED free, HD Free
"U" vom Millerhaus
5 February - Expected
Owner:William Miller
Location:Millmont, PA
Phone:H-570 922 4287
Dam: Polly vom Millerhaus
226250, Brsch, DOB: 3.7.2014, ZR ZR 383/14, 10/12, 62/64, VJP-66, HZP-148, HD Free
Sire: Donner vom Cohansey
227056, Schwsch, Bd.17, ZR ZR 326/14, 11/12, 64/65, VJP-76, HZP-184/190, VGP-III./290TF, HD Free
"B" V.d. Großen eiche
6 February - Expected
Owner:Chris Jones
Location:Falls Church, VA
Dam: Ginger vom Millerhaus
215371, Schwsch, DOB: 23.12.2010, 65184, ZR 497/10, 9/10, 60/62, VJP-71, HZP-184, VGP-1./321, HD Free
Sire: Birko vom Jura-grund
206933, Brsch, DOB: 29.1.2008, 60904, ZR 011/08, 9/11, 67/68, VJP-77, HZP-223/Hege 233, VGP-1./348, Btr, AH, HD Free
"L" vom Wilco
10 February - Expected
Owner:Joel Williams
Location:Litchfield, MI
Dam: Ida vom Wilco
230265, Brsch, DOB: 10.2.2016, 11/11, 62/62, VJP-76, HZP-176/Armb 180, HD Free
Sire: Hugh vom Cranberry Creek
225092, Braun mit Brfl, DOB: 25.3.2014, 11/12, 65/66, VJP-69, HZP-0o.Sp+/186o.SP, VGP-1./303TF, HD Free
"B" vom Kleeland
12 February - Expected
Owner:Michael J Talbot
Location:Madison, WI
Dam: Bella vom Brandherd
221051, Brsch, DOB: 25.11.2012, 68057, 11/11, 59/60, VJP-64/63, HZP-0, VGP-1./301, OCD frei, ED frei, vWD frei (DNA), HD Free
Sire: Falk vom windigen Punkt
222542, Brsch, DOB: 25.4.2013, 11/11, 62/62, VJP-63/77, HZP-182, OCD frei, ED frei, vWD frei (DNA), HD Free
Test results for genetic disorders available
"B" vom Tundramoor
22 February - Expected
Owner:Don Lietzau
Location:Chugiak, AK
Dam: Olexis vd Ritterburg
218173, Brsch, DOB: 12.12.2011, ZR 676/11, 58/58, VJP-64, HZP-189, VGP-295./2, HD Free
Sire: Lukas vom Fuchsberg
214678, Brsch, 66064, ZR 328/10-11, 11/11, 67/68, VJP-71, HZP-177/217, VGP-1./336, Btr, VSwP-II,/ HD Free
"B" v.d. Kaskaden
10 March - Expected
Owner:James Sears
Location:Rochester , WA
Dam: Gretta vom Felsengebirge
226775, Schwsch, DOB: 23.11.2014, Bd-17, ZR 366/14, 11/10, 57/58, VJP-62, HZP-185 o.Sp./0, VGP-II./289 TF, HD-A, HD Free
Sire: Watz v.d. Dachswiese
228344, Brsch, DOB: 22.4.2015, Bd.16, ZR 136/15, 10/10, 65/67, VJP-70, HZP-192 o.Sp./0, VGP-III./269 TF, HD-A, ED frei, vWD frei DNA, HD Free