VDD/GNA is a breed club formed for the furthering of the Deutsch-Drahthaar and to benefit Drahthaar owners. GNA does not directly oversee the business practices of any registered breeders. GNA cannot intercede in business matters between buyers and breeders, and is not responsible for the actions of any of it’s members.

Click the link below for a listing of available dogs and pups, as well as future expected litters. Please understand that the breeder of a litter stated as “expected” cannot guarantee the gender or numbers of pups that will be available for sale. We are providing the service to enable prospective buyers to find breeders that MAY have pups available.


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New Puppy Owner Form: To ensure that your new puppy owner will be contacted by a member of the Chapter in which he/she resides so that they may be informed about Chapter events or simply made aware of fellow DD owners in their area.