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New VDD Puppy Owners: get connected by signing up for more information at the club and local chapter levels. Get informed about local training days, tests and events, and other opportunities to learn more about the breed.

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Are you planning on training and testing your new puppy?

VDD-GNA is excited to introduce a new educational/training video series for the JGHV testing system! The
videos were professionally shot and produced in cooperation between VDD-GNA and Dogs Unlimited.
100% of GNA’s proceeds will go to our Judge Development program. Upon purchasing the video you’ll
also have access to discounted training gear from Dogs Unlimited and you can actually recoup the cost
of the video!

By watching the videos, individuals will be able to:

• Obtain a very good understanding and description of what is expected of them and their dog at JGHV

‌• See a dog run through all field and water test subjects.

‌• Get in-depth explanations of all test subjects with detailed handling and training tips to download.

‌• Gain an understanding of what manner of retrieve is and why it’s so important to HZP success.

‌• The videos will help individuals be more successful and comfortable at JGHV tests!

The HZP Educational Video – Complete Test Overview & Handling & Training Tips video is available now! Below is the HZP Educational Video trailer with a link to purchase the entire video.

The VJP Educational Video – Complete Test Overview & Handling & Training Tips video is expected to be released this fall. If there is enough interest in the VJP & HZP videos, there is an option for producing a VGP video in the future.