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****Membership is for the calendar year regardless of when during the year that you join, applications received after October 1 will be credited for the following calendar year.

Once you complete the join process, you will be asked to download a Welcome Package in PDF format. Be sure to download and read this information. You will not be granted website access until your membership has been confirmed by our Business Manager. You may email Jim Wion by clicking here

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Q. I went through the signup process but did not receive email confirmation?
A. Have you checked your spam box to see if the receipt was filtered?

Q. I’ve checked my spam box and still no receipt?
A. Have you checked your online credit card statement to see if your transaction appears on your statement?

Q. I received my receipt and my credit card was charged, why don’t I have access to the website?
A. Did you download and read the Welcome Package? Upon completion of the join process, there will be a link provided to you to download the welcome packet. INSTRUCTIONS FOR GAINING ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA ARE IN THE WELCOME PACKET.