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Entering a Test


(Summarized from the Test Regulations)

The VJP (spring test) is the first test that a puppy will enter. Puppies born in January-September will be tested in the following spring, while puppies born in October-December will be tested in the year after that. For example, puppies born January-September 2011 will be eligible for VJP in the spring of 2012, while puppies born October-December 2011 would not be tested until the spring of 2013. This timeframe is the only opportunity for young dogs to be tested at this level. A dog can be handled no more than twice in a VJP, with the exception of participation in an international test.(VZPO § 4)

A dog will be entered in the HZP in the fall immediately following its VJP. Again, a dog can be handled no more than twice in an HZP, with the exception of participation in an international test (e.g., the Armbruster or Hegewald). (VZPO § 4)

A dog cannot be entered in the Utility Test — VGP — during the same calendar year that it was born, but can be entered at any age after that. A dog can be entered in the VGP no more than two times. Participation in an International Test is an exception. (VGPO § 5)

The owner of any dog entered in a JGHV test must be a member of a JGHV-affiliated club, such as VDD or VCDKK. If you are not a member of VDD-Group North America, please provide proof of membership in another VDD Group or JGHV-affiliated club. The handler of the dog must have in possession a valid hunting license (VZPO § 6, VGPO § 9 and § 11). Some exceptions may apply; please contact the Director of Testing if this is a concern.

A handler may not handle more than two dogs at a given VJP, HZP, or VGP. (VZPO § 12, VGPO § 12)


Tests will be announced on the club web site with details regarding the test dates, location, entry fee, entry deadline and the names of the Test Director and Test Coordinator.

The entry forms, photocopies of the Ahnentafel, and the entry fee should be submitted to the Test Director before the closing date for entries. Keep in mind that a dog will not be considered entered in the test until all of the above items have been provided, and that priority is given according to the date that the complete and correct entry is received. If more than one day of testing is scheduled for a VJP or HZP and you have a strong preference for running your dog on a particular day, please inform the Test Director. We will accommodate your request if at all possible.

About the test entry deadline: A great deal of planning goes into running a test — judges must be engaged, game must be reserved, meals must be planned, the details must be published in the newsletter, Test Programs must be prepared and mailed out, etc. Late or incomplete entries make those arrangements very difficult for the organizers; therefore, early entries will be appreciated.

Two to three weeks prior to the test you should receive a Test Program from the Test Director. It will indicate the exact day on which you have been assigned to run and will give other information about where, when and how the test will be run. If you have questions prior to receiving the Test Program, contact the Test Director.

Test Entry fees are non-refundable as stated in Section 1.1.4 of the JGHV Rules of Procedure for Group North America.

When you go to the test, be certain to take your dog’s original Ahnentafel (green pedigree/registration document), and a current rabies vaccination certificate (signed by a veterinarian). Your dog cannot be evaluated until these items have been handed over to the Test Director.


The only acceptable entry form for a JGHV test is the official Formblatt 1.

The bilingual version of Formblatt 1 can now be completed on computer. To save the form to your computer, right click on the link below, select SAVE TARGET AS, specify where on your computer you want to store the form and click SAVE. After you complete the form, you can save what you have entered on the form. Then when you enter your next test with this particular dog all you will need to do is update the information on the form. This form is formatted to print correctly on North American paper so you will not need to make any adjustments.

Download the Test Entry Form (Formblatt 1)

Because the entry form requires an original signature and because a completed entry includes copies of the Ahnentafel as well as a check for the entry fee, an entry cannot be submitted via e-mail or fax. It must be sent to the Test Director with the required documents. Early submission of entries will be appreciated.

Please note: With your signature on the entry form you agree (also on behalf of the handler, breeder or owner if they are other than you) that your data (name and address) and the data of the dog may be entered into the electronic system of JGHV and published in publicly available media.

If you require any further information or assistance, contact the Test Director for the test you plan to enter or the Group North America Director of Testing.

A Completed Test Entry Includes the Following:
  • ‌A fully completed and signed Formblatt 1.  The JGHV group/club number for VDD-GNA is 2135.

  • ‌A photocopy of both sides of the dog’s green Ahnentafel, with all entries up-to-date.

  • ‌Email confirmation of Online Test Payment via the webstore after the Test Director confirms your spot in test, OR a check/money order for the amount of the entry fee made out to VDD-GNA

  • ‌You must include copies of all prior test results with your entry.

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