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Thoughts, Tips and Theories On Training and Hunting the Versatile Gun Dog

March 1994Stephan G. Kohlmann

“Quality sport has first of all to be morally and ethically sound.The sportsman never condones lawbreaking even if he disagrees with the law. […]His own personal standards should be higher than the law, which can never be the custodian of morals except at the lowest level.His knowledge should be enough that he knows when to be ashamed, and he should never do something that he is ashamed of, even though the law allows it.Not all animals that should be protected are everywhere protected, and to take advantage of this is […] dishonest.Dishonor and quality are incompatible. […] skill and certainty in retrieving wounded animals add a quality that should be highly satisfying.”(“Hunting and Fishing Values and Concepts”, C.H. Clarke, 1979)


The views expressed in this manuscript are strictly personal, although based on years of experience in training and hunting versatile gun dogs. There are as many alternatives to the described training methods as there are dog trainers in this world. And as there are quite a few better trainers out there, there are probably also better methods than what I’ve come up with. The important question to ask is not “who has the best method?” but rather “which method works for me?” This manuscript described what has worked for me — it is up to the individual reader to figure out how to adjust the outlined program to their own personal needs, abilities and personalities. Each day afield, whether training a young dog or hunting with an “old pro” teaches me something new. This manuscript represents my own current level in the evolution of a dog trainer.

Most of the manuscript consists of a series of articles prepared for the Newsletters of Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar — Group North America and the Jagdgebrauchshundverein USA. Hence, mention of a certain breed or organization (VDD) does not indicate preference or bias of the author, but rather that of the original target audience of these articles.

You are free to copy and distribute this material among friends and fellow hunters, as long as this manuscript is not altered or edited in any way. If you want to discuss concepts contained in this manuscript or related to training versatile hunting dogs, you are welcomed to contact me by e-mail or phone.

Happy hunting and Horrido!

Stephan G. KohlmannTelephone: 505-294-8082

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